Vitality Bath Half Marathon 2017

Dancers are you aware that 13 intrepid people will be flogging themselves around the Vitality Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 12th March. They are doing this to raise money for our Charity to help dancers access Sport and Dance Medicine if injured. 

Just pick a member of the team and show your appreciation for their effort by donating on their page: SamJakeJJTobi, and Jules. or via our page for Claire, Stephen, Hugo, George, Charlotte, Beth, Emma and Adrian.

Further details of the runners just click VITALITY BATH HALF 2017 

You can also donate £10 here 

Carol Concert   6:30-8pm December 6th 2016

Our Christmas Carol Concert with Comedy  raised over £700. This is a fantastic start to our New fundraising challenge to improve access to diagnostics and could help  to fund 3 MRI scans .

With an amusing and inspirational mix of readings from interesting local celebrities, and some charming Santa's Helpers interspersed with rousing traditional Carols and Christmas songs, followed by  mulled wine, mince pies and stollen, this was a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit.   

If you missed it you can still donate via the buttons on this page.

We can support you lovely dancers all year long by helping as many as possible access great specialist Sports and Dance Medicine consultations and treatment. We try to make everything sustainable, but we do need to generate money for extra help for intensive rehabilitation programs, and many dancers have asked for help to access early MRI scans. So this is why we are focussing  on raising funds for extra diagnostic treatments for dancers, so they can get an accurate diagnosis quickly and start appropriate treatment as soon as possible, and of course   safely return to dance. 


We now have a more streamlined way of giving online courtesy of CharityCheckout.

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