Dance Again Foundation

The Dance Again Foundation is a charity to help dancers return to the stage after injury

The charity has been set up following the inspirational story of Jack Widdowson who suffered a serious neck injury in 2011 and through early intervention and rehabilitation is returning to the career he worked so hard to achieve. Jack is an apprentice at Bern Ballet. He had been with the company for four months when he suffered his injury. Following hours of intensive treatment with a number of therapists after his surgery, he has now returned to dance.
The Dance Again Foundation will support injured dancers and their families with immediate post injury advice and help with early rehabilitation, working with the dancer's medical team to achieve the optimum recovery. The aim is to enable the dancer to return safely to their career.  
There is much that can be done in the immediate days following an injury that will enable the dancer to achieve the best possible outcome. Knowing where to start or who to contact following an injury can be a worrying time for the dancer. 
The Dance Again Foundation has a network of experienced specialist therapists, sports physicians and surgeons across the UK. These specialists have all worked with dancers with great success.

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