Winter Update

One of the big successes of the year for the Dance Again Foundation is the provision of expert medical help for dancers via the Friday afternoon clinic at the Royal United Hospital NHS Trust in Bath. This NHS clinic is the third member of the NIDMS network with the other two clinics being in London and Birmingham thus further increasing options for dancers to access specialist medical care.

Dancers from all over the country have been beating a trail here to see not only the specialist consultants in dance medicine but also our specialist physiotheripist who can fully empathise with injured dancers being an ex-professional dancer himself. 

We at Dance Again are funding the physiotherapy treatment because we know that dancers value input from people who understand what its like to be injured as a dancer.

It doesn't just stop with a trip to the clinic, dancers are provided with home care and treatment plans, follow up appointments together with ongoing support to fully address the dancers needs where required.

Referrals can be made by a simple request by your GP, through the 'Choose and Book' system. We strongly recommend that you download the Dance Injury Clinic Referral Information PDF so the correct clinic is found and booked for a Friday afternoon. Any problems or questions please contact Dance Again.

If you do not wish to use the clinic you can always contact for advice, information and signposting to help manage injury and recovery in your local area.

Donations are essential so we can continue to provide specialist help, support and advice for dancers.

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A Thanks To All

The Trustees of Dance Again Foundation would very much like to thank everybody who attended our Gala dance spectacular on September 28th at Sadler’s Wells. We have been overwhelmed and delighted to hear back from so many of you who enjoyed the performances so much.

We particularly want to thank the fantastic dancers who donated their time and energy not just on the day but leading up to the event, to create such a fantastic array of physicality and grace. 

Many thanks also to David Flatman who pulled the evening together with his humour and empathy for specialist medical care for injured athletes.

After a sparkling VIP reception with delicious food from Sadler’s Wells the audience enjoyed twelve dazzling pieces from across the dance world. There was something from everybody and judging from the feedback people were pleased to see such a varied programme. 

Many thanks for the help from Sadler’s Wells and everyone who supported us through social media or simply spreading the word.

We are still receiving donations and more importantly have raised our profile as we have since received many more requests for help for injured dancers. Fortunately many of these can now be referred directly to the specialist NHS clinic we are supporting  that is available to dancers via ‘choose and book’ system.

We look forward to continuing to making a difference to dancers, thank you so much for your support.

Bath Half 2015 - March 1st 


Runners Wanted!


We are searching for runners to join the Dance Again Foundation Team, so if you are inspired to run for us and would like to model a purple shirt for the day please get in touch with


Entries for the Bath Half 2015 is now open!


We are a charity passionate about getting injured dancers the best possible medical help and support, signposting injured dancers to dance-specific health professionals especially in areas beyond the primary dance communities so they can safely Dance Again. We work strategically to improve provision of dance medicine, and individually giving dancers advice, information, financial and moral support to optimise their rehabilitation.

Join us at this unique dance event for a dazzling display of talent showcasing a mixed programme. Major companies have donated pieces representing dance genres from contemporary to classical ballet, and street-dance to musical theatre.

We need your support to enable us to do the following:

  • We have to raise £50,000 to fund a specialist physiotherapist to work alongside the NHS clinic we are opening in Bath in Autumn 2014
  • We need to raise funds to cover administration as the charity moves on to the next level, extending our reach to dancers as well as increasing our range of information, frontline services and back line support
  • We intend to raise our profile in the public eye for the benefit of dancers in the UK and beyond
  • We must attract more sponsorship.


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Dancers Stories 

 Some details are altered to protect dancer confidentiality 

Lower Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain and this story illustrates the need to get accurate diagnosis before embarking on any treatment including physiotherapy. 

A 25 year old male noticed a sudden spasm during class in his lower back which was aggravated when box splits were performed, and during extention work. Ice, heat and pain killers gave only temporary relief, he stopped going to class for 4 weeks. The dancer continued with regular Pilates and specific back strengthening exercises, maintaining his fitness with cycling. Despite seeking medical help from a number of non-dance specialists over the following months his symptoms continued. 

The dancers contacted Dance Aagin and arranged an appointment with the dance medicine consultant. The consultant reviewed the MRI and identified a transition vertebra (an irregularly shaped vertebra) which was leading to an imbalance in the core muscles affecting the biomechanics in a particular way. This information was passed to the physiotherapist who could then tailor a set of exercises for the dancers rehabilitation taking into account the slight asymmetry of the spine. Armed with this knowledge the dancer was reassured that a return to dance was entirely feasible and was pleased to know what he could to do to hasten his recovery.

The dancer has returned to class, he is recommencing training and looking forward to auditioning pain free.


[Photos by Jaye R. Phillips, of the Boston Ballet.] The photo is NOT of the dancer in the narrative.

Ruptured Achilles Tendon

At Dance Again we maintain client confidentiality which is extremely important to us. So permission has been sought to share this experience and some personal details have been changed.


A dancer phoned us in great distress having ruptured her Achilles tendon whilst away performing. The emergency surgery had been completed abroad and she returned to England with no package of care, support or follow up.

Luckily we (Dance Again) were able to put her in contact with a sports physican who oversaw her intensive and specialist rehabilitation. We negotiated a preferential rate and helped to fund it.

We were in regular contact with both the dancer and the medical team to provide support and motivation, and monitor her progress.

She was ahead of her milestones in terms of her treatment goals and we are delighted to say has returned to the stage in the West End!

Broken Toe

A 17 year old full time dance student contacted us after an X-Ray showed he had broken his toe and was worried about the impact it would have on his course. We were able to prepare him with focussed questions to discuss the best course of treatment with his practitioner. We gave advice on strength and conditioning to maintain his fitness and his readiness for dance whilst his toe healed.

His GP was happy to provide excellent physiotherapy as requested and the student returned safely to his dance training with no deficit. 


At Dance Again are aim is to enable injured dancers to access to specialist medical advice, treatment and support. We can help an injured dancer you know, so do get in touch with Celia at

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Ankle Impingement

A freelance dancer working across the UK and Europe developed impingement following several ankle sprains. An Xray revealed the dancer had os trigonum (See the Info Sheet below) and was waiting for an injection. She contacted us about help with rehab after the injection and we were able to negotiate a discounted rate for her treatment. We located a suitable dance and sport physio specialist close to her home. Her symptoms were reduced initially with treatment however her longterm prognosis has lead to investigating surgical options with a dance ankle specialist. We will be involved with her post operative physio.

Ankle Impingement Information Sheet
24% of clients contacting us at Dance Again Foundation have had problems with their ankle, of which half have had impingement. Here is an interesting, informative and easy to read article on ankle impingement.

This document is not produced by The Dance Again Foundation and we accept no responsibility for the content or its misuse. Please contact us for direct advise, feedback or if you have any suggestions.
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