The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine
The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine

Dancer or Dance Teacher?

Do you need help or advice for Dance injury? 

Dance Injury Clinic Referral pdf



Do you want a place for the Bath Half Marathon 17 March 2019?

BATH HALF Marathon

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Events and Fundraising 


Thank you so much to all who came and supported the concert.

I am delighted to say we sold out and thanks to the very generous donations,we raised in excess of £1200 for dancers.

We had wonderful performances from Songways Choir with some haunting melodies from around the world, and Saxophony Sax quartet filled us all with jazzy Christmas cheer.We learned about Santas Greatest Secret via a charming poem read by Jule, and an amusing ballet sketch featuring Lucy Coleborn, Senior Associate of the Royal Ballet , and Mlle Denise Bent, who isnt.It was hilarious. 

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How much I liked this ballet sketch

 1500++  Injured Dancers can't be wrong!

Dance Again is helping dancers access specialist dance medicine via NHS

No more suffering in silence... help is at hand for injured dancers!

Dancers (and dance teachers) from anywhere in England can get an e-referral to this clinic via their GP ( our downloadable PDF will help) with   appointments usually being within 2 weeks from referral.

If this is not possible, we can advise on other specialist providersthoughout UK  and negotiate a preferential rate for our dancers.More than 1500 NHS appointments have been delivered to dancers since we started, and many others have benefitted from our help finding affordable specialist treatment since we started the charity in 2014.

Dance Injury Clinic Referral pdf









At Dance Again we are all volunteers.Please respect our efforts to answer as quickly as we can and allocate funding as fairly as possible.Our aims are to help each dancer make the best recovery possible, and allocate funds and effort accordingly.Rude or threatening correspondence will not be answered.  


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