Vitality Bath Half Marathon 2017

We need to find some lovely people to attempt to run the Bath Half for our team. We hope all you lovely dancers will ask friends and family to to see if anyone will challenge themselves to achieve what must be on everyone's bucket list this year - A Finishers Medal from the Vitality Bath Half Marathon, and a healthy donation towards sports medicine help for dancers !

We offer free training advice and motivational help along the way, a post race leg massage, snacks to help you recover and a lovely warm glow from knowing you have contributed to a dancer's recovery.

Average amount raised per runner is £250.

Contact Celia now 

Carol Concert   6:30-8pm December 6th 2016

We can support you lovely dancers all year long by helping as many as possible access great specialist Sports and Dance Medicine consultations and treatment. We try to make everything sustainable, but we do need to generate money for extra help for intensive rehabilitation programs, and many dancers have asked for help to access early MRI scans. So starting from the run up to Christmas our focus is on raising finds for extra diagnostic treatments for dancers, so they can get an accurate diagnosis quickly and start appropriate treatment as soon as possible and safely return to dance.

We hope you will all tell people you now in the Bath area to make a date to join us at St. Michael's Without (opposite Waitrose in Bath) to sing carols, have some muled wine and Christmas nibbles, and be entertained by our festive fun with our cute little Santas. 

Contact for ticket information (£10)

We now have a more streamlined way of giving online courtesy of CharityCheckout.

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