The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine
The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine

Although Jack Widdowsons return to dance after a life threatening neck injury occurred before we set up this charity, his recovery was the inspiration behind it. We had been in  the very  fortunate position of having plenty of specialist knowledge and resources available to help him and wanted to make this available to others.

We could see that there was very little specialist sports medicine help available for dancers generally and friends and family decided to address this problem, so we set up the Dance Again Foundation.  


We work in three ways 

  • giving help and advice to individual dancers around dance injury 
  • working with the NHS and other providers to improve provision of dance clinics and clinicians 
  • hold fundraising events to highlight the importance of dance and dance medicine 

.The aim is to enable the dancer to return safely to their career. We can help dancers find help for anything from a clicking hip to knee pain, the idea is to avoid an acute problem becoming chronic. Knowing where to start or who to contact confidentially about an injury can be a worrying time for the dancer. 

The Dance Again Foundation has a network of experienced specialist therapists, sports physicians and surgeons across the UK. Since September 2014 we have partnered with the Royal United NHS Trust Hospital in Bath so  dancers can also access the  specialist NHS sports and dance trauma clinic there  via GP referral (Choose and Book e referral. This service  has  attendant consultants and specialist physiotherapists who have extensive experience with dancers. Wait times from referral are approximately 10 days. This is one of the three NIDMS clinics nationwide. 

Some free time for Jack during a 3 week tour of Pit Stop to Argentina and Bolivia.


Jack as the Black Vampire in Tanz Der Vampire, in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Cologne.

Jack dancing in Pit Stop - a piece about Ayrton Senna the late Formula 1 driver, in 2015. 

Dance Again does what it says on the tin.

Here is Jack (centre) performing in Camille a piece based on the work of Rodin, with Staatstheatre Darmstadt. 2014


Here is Jack back on stage in 2013 with Bern:Ballet, able to dance, lift and leap!

It was Jack's recovery that inspired us to set up Dance Again, as we saw and felt the massive impact that early intervention and intensive specialist therapies on have on the safe return to dance.

At Dance Again we are make this available to other dancers. We could provide for an injured dancer you know, so do get in touch.

BBC Breakfast interviewed and filmed Jack Widdowson at LCDS in 2012 and interviewed his parents live on the Breakfast time couch!. See Jack's latest progress as he rehearses for his first show following his recovery as broadcast today

At Dance Again we are all volunteers.Please respect our efforts to answer as quickly as we can and allocate funding as fairly as possible.Our aims are to help each dancer make the best recovery possible, and allocate funds and effort accordingly.Rude or threatening correspondence will not be answered.  

Important information your GP will need to make your e-referral

e-referral Information to take to your G[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [235.3 KB]



New Dance Medicine Specialists now working in NHS Sports Injury Clinic at the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

We are delighted to announce that DAF working in partnership with Dance UK and NIDMS are helping to provide Dance Medicine Specialists in the NHS

To access this clinic ask your GP to refer you through Choose and Book. To book in the Bath Sports Injury Clinic  your GP or GP's secretary, needs to follow these instructions:-

Service: Sports Injury-Orthopaedics-RUH Bath-RD1

Service ID 169870

Appointment type First Outpatient

Service Location Royal United Hospital

Service Provider Organisation - Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

Specialty Orthopaedics

Service contact Name RUH Outpatient Appointment Centre

Clinic type Sports Trauma

Waiting time at present 11 days

We look forward to seeing you there!

PDF Information document to take to your GP for the 'Choose and Book' referral process

We recommend that you download and print this form to take to your GP so the correct clinic can be booked for you.


Important information your GP will need to make your e-referral

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