The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine
The Dance Again Foundation Helping Dancers Access Dance Medicine

Our Changing Focus

Since the Dance Again Foundation has been established, we have helped over 1500 dancers access sports medicine treatment. We believe dancers' accessibility of medical care has improved, and so the charity is moving towards focusing on education provision.


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Ankle impingement

Ankle impingement occurs when the tissues around the ankle get pinched.

It can be preceded by an ankle sprain but has lots of causes.

Anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL)

The ACL is a stabilising ligament inside the knee which stops the tibia  sliding in front of the femur. ACL injuries can occur particularly with sudden twisting movements, for example landing from a jump onto one leg.

Important information your GP will need to make your e-referral

e-referral Information to take to your G[...]
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Dance Medicine Specialists now working in NHS Sports Injury Clinic at the Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

We are delighted to announce that DAF working in partnership with Dance UK and NIDMS are helping to provide Dance Medicine Specialists in the NHS

To access this clinic ask your GP to refer you through Choose and Book. To book in the Bath Sports Injury Clinic  your GP or GP's secretary, needs to follow these instructions:-

Service: Sports Injury-Orthopaedics-RUH Bath-RD1

Service ID 169870

Appointment type First Outpatient

Service Location Royal United Hospital

Service Provider Organisation - Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

Specialty Orthopaedics

Service contact Name RUH Outpatient Appointment Centre

Clinic type Sports Trauma

Waiting time at present 11 days

We look forward to seeing you there!

Important information your GP will need to make your e-referral

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