IADMS Annual Conference Pittsburgh 2015

IADMS 25th Annual Meeting

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Friday-Sunday, October 9-11, 2015

Dance Again had two presentations this year. Dr Julian widdowson gave an interesting symposium on Concussion in Dance, with a view to creating a standard protocol for the dance world in line with other sporting bodies. Celia Widdowson discussed the use of mapping processes to optimise efficiency within Dance Again Foundation.

IADMS Annual Conference Basel 2014

This year the conference wil be held in Basel, Switzerland. Dance Again's Dr Julian Widdowson will be presenting on Thursday 16th October about the 'Optimum vitamin D supplementation dose regimen in winter for elite athletes to reduce injury risk'.

For more information on the conference visit the IADMS Website 

IADMS Annual Conference Seattle 2013

IADMS Annual Conference Seattle 2013

Julian and Celia attended the 2013 Seattle IADMS Conference, Julian presented a research paper on easy ways to measure bone density whilst Celia was gathering endorsement from across the dance world, internationally, and raising the charites profile.

Every trip is self funded and maned entirly by unpaid volunteers which preserves all charity funds to help injured dancers access medical care.

We were fortunate to be given a stall from which to promote the charity and we had many useful conversations with dancers and dance scientists. The aim was to raise awareness more than raise money, which was successful judging from the comments we recieved.

One very useful outcome was that we met Lana Ashton who was presenting a paper this year on supplemental conditioning training for hypermobile dancers. After speaking with us she was inspired to volunteer with the charity. Another great development from attending the conference.

IADMS Annual Conference Singapore 25th - 28th October 2012

Dr Julian Widdowson presents at the iADMS conference in Singapore


Julian and Celia attended the annual conference of the International Association of dance medicine and Science in late October in Singapore . Julian was invited to deliver the closing Symposium entitled Early Intervention To Achieve Optimum Outcome following Cervical Spinal Cord Injuryin a dancer . He successfully combined a review of anatomy and management of neck injuries with personalised detail on integrated  rehabilitation of the dancer with input from many disciplines of therapy. This talk was very well received by delegates who were then keen to know more about the role of The dance Again Foundation Many contacts were made from the dance community across the world ,who gave positive feedback and suggestions .

Any delegate is welcome to contribute further via the email enquiries@danceagainfoundation.org